KIX, Thrill join NowTV

Tiger Gate Entertainment channels specialize in action, horror

HONG KONG – KIX and Thrill, two new channels backed by Lionsgate Entertainment, have struck a carriage deal with Hong Kong pay-TV platform NowTV.
Initially targeted at the Asian market, the two channels are operated by Tiger Gate Entertainment, a company headed by former Celestial Pictures boss William Pfeiffer. KIX is an action channel featuring sports and fight events, sci-fi, action reality shows and high quality movies. Thrill is a movie channel specializing in the thriller, suspense, horror genres.
"Asia’s entertainment industry produces world-class movies and TV shows with the highest production values. The most popular content in Asia -- and the region’s most well known content export to the rest of the world -- is action and thriller content," said Pfeiffer, Tiger Gate CEO.
Launches in other major markets are planned throughout 2010.