Kmart's Hilarious 'Ship My Pants' Ad a Study in Wordplay (Video)

Ship My Pants Ad - H 2013

The humorous ad has received more than 4.2 million YouTube views since debuting April 10.

Oh, words. How they can make us hear things that aren’t actually there.

Case in point: the hilarious new Kmart ad, which features a number of otherwise respectable people saying “I shipped my pants" in a way that could lead one to believe they were talking about an action which is not acceptable in polite society.

“Ship my pants. Right here? Ship my pants—you’re kidding,” one man says.

“I just shipped my bed,” says another.

The ad is touting Kmart’s shipping service – not anything bathroom related. And it has already received 4.2 million YouTube views since debuting online April 10.

Watch the video below.