"Knife Guys" Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling Carve Up Donald Trump on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Courtesy of Randy Holmes/ABC
Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling as the Knife Guys.

A solid gold knife for a solid gold steak.

Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling stopped by Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! to peddle their wares as the fictitious sales duo the Knife Guys. 

The QVC-esque bit, which got plenty of laughs as the two men took shots at an unimpressed Kimmel, mostly focused on mocking Donald Trump and his business ventures, including Trump Steaks. 

The fake salesmen even broke out some Trump Knives, which were gold with "Trump" in bold black letters on the blades.

"That Trump knife is huge," Gosling said. "And I would know, because I know all the great knives." 

Ferrell broke in, "And sharp, like the man himself." 

The pair, wearing "Make Knives Great Again" hats, said the businessman turned likely GOP presidential nominee was unaware they were selling the items.

"And no, Mr. Trump doesn't know about this because he's super busy making America great again," Ferrell said, threatening Kimmel with one of the Trump knives. 

The pair got big laughs when the Trump Knife failed to cut through a gold, gross-looking Trump Steak, which Ferrell made Gosling try, prompting him to choke and Kimmel to give him the Heimlich maneuver.