Kodak stays true to its Vision3


Eastman Kodak is standing by its decision to continue to develop film technology and to not participate in the digital cinematography camera market.

Reflecting this strategy, the company was set to unveil its Vision3, the next generation of its color motion picture film, before cinematographers Thursday at ArcLight Hollywood.

"We believe the best digital workflow starts with film," said Kim Snyder, GM of image origination products at Kodak. "Based upon our customers' expectations for the very highest-quality images — and for flexibility and ease of use — Kodak remains firmly committed to camera negative films within the origination segment."

Added Kodak CTO Gary Einhaus: "The technological improvements incorporated in Kodak Vision3 film reduce grain without compromising sensitivity to light, yielding better overall signal-to-noise response and extended highlight latitude. Superior detail in overexposure, combined with decreased grain in underexposure, increases image integrity and flexibility in postproduction."

Kodak Vision3 500T color negative film 5219/7219 is the first product in the new line.

Among the cinematographers who have tested the emulsion is American Society of Cinematographers president Daryn Okada. "The new emulsion has a much wider range of latitude in the overexposed areas," he said. "Also, there was an almost magical reduction in grain without affecting colors. … I think Vision3 widens the gap between film and digital imaging."