KOFIC readies grants for 3D industry

Government body backs training of specialists, new films

SEOUL – Grants to assist the production and overseas distribution of 3D films and improve screening facilities to better cater 3D films in local theaters will be expanded by up to four times, according to the Korean Film Council, the government-supported film body.
The idea emerged an annual plan submitted to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports by the film council Wednesday. KOFIC noted that as part of the plan the grant budget for 3D films will rise from the current 850 million won (US$755,222) to 4 billion won in 2010, including the council’s assistance in the production, overseas distribution and the training of specialists who can convert 2D originals to stereoscopic 3D.
A pilot production grant worth 800 million won will be established for 3D films. Separately, Stereo Pictures Korea, an experienced 3D studio, will collaborate with the council to train film professionals to work in 3D sector for major Hollywood film studios. The council predicted that the government effort can produce up to 7,000 specialists in the 3D field in the next four years.