Koji Wakamatsu Hospitalized after Car Accident

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Representatives of the director, who has made more than 100 films, will not confirm how serious the 76-year-old's injuries are.

TOKYO – Veteran director Koji Wakamatsu, named Asian Filmmaker of the Year this month at Busan International Film Festival, was hit by a taxi on Friday night and is currently hospitalized, reportedly having suffered broken bones. His condition is not said to be life-threatening.

STORY: Koji Wakamatsu Named Asian Filmmaker of the Year by Busan Festival

The 76-year-old director had attended an event for a film he acted as producer for, when he was hit by the taxi attempting to cross a busy road in central Tokyo.

A staffer from Wakamatsu Productions told The Hollywood Reporter that information about the director’s condition was not being released.

Wakamatsu, who started his career making 'pink eiga,' Japan’s soft-core porn productions that sustained much of the movie industry in the 1960s and 1970s, turned to more political films in his later years, attracting attention from festivals worldwide.


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