Konstantin Thoeren quits Internationalmedia

Head of German/U.S. film company resigns all posts

BERLIN -- Konstantin Thoeren, head of German/U.S. film outfit Internationalmedia, resigned over the weekend, leaving the company's Los Angeles branch without management.

Internationalmedia CFO Sascha Prestel said that IM is "seeking ways to shut down" its production arm and intends to "shrink substantially" in order to focus on marketing its film library, which consists of about 80 titles including Oliver Stone's "Alexander" and the Sharon Stone starrer "Basic Instinct 2." The L.A. subsidiary is thought to have little in active development and pinkslipped a dozen staffers 10 days ago.

Thoeren was CEO of IM Internationalmedia, president and chairman of Intermedia Film Equities USA, Los Angeles, and managing director of Intermedia Film Equities, London, among other titles.

Thoeren, who was president of German production house UFA International from 1995-2001, was named IM's CEO in 2007 after spending two years on the company's supervisory board.