Korea lights Firecracker U.K. VOD deal


HONG KONG -- Activers Entertainment Co. will begin providing classic Korean movies and other Korean content via VOD to the U.K.'s Firecracker Media, beginning in late April or May, the Seoul-based media company said in an interview Wednesday at the Hong Kong Filmart.

The deal will be restricted to six major English-speaking territories around the world -- the U.K., Ireland, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Activers president Peter Seo said.

He added that the VOD content would feature streaming video at near-DVD-quality resolution.

"The Firecracker deal is just the first step. We want to provide Korean content worldwide," Seo said.

Included titles are largely classic films from the 1960s and '70s, including works by Im Kwon-taek, Lee Man-hee and Jung So-young -- most of which have never been issued on DVD.

Activers also is actively pursuing VOD services in South Korea and abroad, having started such a service through Dacom MI in December.

In addition, the company is starting a free, ad-based VOD service of its own, built on its catalog of about 1,000 titles.

Activers has begun working with the Korea Copyright Commission and Korean movie companies to block illegal Korean content available on the Internet around the world. Work will begin in Australia, then spread to Malaysia, Taiwan and beyond.