Korean filmmakers land support

Wilshire office offers link to helmers

Korean and Korean-American filmmakers will have access to a wide range of support initiatives, including financial and promotional programs, through the newly established Los Angeles office of the Korean Film Council, USA, chairwoman Cheong Sook Ancq said.

KOFIC's overall policy is to provide investment funding for the commercial film sector, to invigorate investment with public funds while supporting high-quality independent projects.

The Los Angeles office on Wilshire Boulevard, which officially opened Friday, is the first overseas operation of its kind to be created by KOFIC, An said.

KOFIC executive managercq Sun-Young Mooncq added: "Our overall mission is to promote Korean film in general. That includes supporting Korean films in U.S. festivals and also providing diverse information about Korean films to universities and film organizations throughout North America."

She added that KOFIC's Los Angeles office will develop and support Korean-American films by introducing Korean filmmakers to Korean-American directors and producers.

KOFIC will fly moviemakers to and from Korea for the cultural and professional exchanges.

One of the most immediate projects on the agenda is the selection of five scripts written by Korean-American filmmakers who then will be flown to Hawaii to meet with two leading Korean producers and three American moviemakers who will work with them to develop film projects. The developed projects then will be forwarded to Independent Feature Project, a nonprofit group that supports independent film by connecting creative talent and the film industry.

"IFP will set up pitch sessions with the big agencies and producers and then after that the five participants will attend the Pusan International Film Festival's Asian Film Market where they will meet a further round of industry leaders," Moon said.