Korean government names KOFIC members

Eight-member board joins chairman Kang Han-sup

SEOUL -- The South Korean government announced the eight new commissioners of the Korean Film Council on Monday.

They are Jo Hye-jung, a film professor at Suwan University; Jung Soo-wan, a programmer of the Jeonju International Film Festival; Kim Se-hun, an animation professor from Sejong University; film director Lee Mi-yeon; Min Byung-chun, director of the sci-fi film "Natural City"; Oh Jung-hwan, president of Bom Film Prods.; film investor Park Kyung-pil; and Shim Sung-min, a professor of culture from Sungshin Women's University.

They join new KOFIC chairman Kang Han-sup, a professor in the film department at the Seoul Art Institute, who was appointed in late May.

KOFIC's commissioners, who are appointed for three-year terms, all began their terms Monday.

South Korean president Lee Myung-bak promised a more business-friendly approach to government when elected last December, creating much nervousness within the troubled film industry, which worried that he might cut support.

But so far, an informal survey of the industry indicates widespread support for the appointments, who are generally considered capable and free of political biases.