Korean groups form new association


SEOUL -- The Korean Film Producers Assn. and nine other cultural associations on Wednesday announced that they are teaming to create the Korea Federation of Culture Industries Assn., an organization dedicated to promoting South Korea's various industries.

The KFCI comprises industry associations for music, movie production, TV dramas, commercials, musicals, writers and more.

The newly formed group announced a six-point initiative, outlining their major plans and priorities, which include working together to improve industry rules and regulations, creating a think tank, cooperating to foster exports and improving anti-piracy legislation and enforcement.

"Piracy is our first priority," said Kevin Chang, secretary general of the Korean Film Producers Assn.

The federation will be led at first by the heads of three organizations -- Shin Hyun-taek of the Corea Drama Assn., Yun Ho-jin of the Korea Musical Assn. and Cha Seung-jai of the Korea Film Producers Assn.

South Korea's cultural industry leaders are carefully watching how the administration of newly elected President Lee Myung-bak handles cultural matters.

Lee made his reputation in the construction industry and does not have strong ties with the cultural industry. However, KFCI leaders say they have received private assurances the government will step up its enforcement of intellectual property regulations.