Korea's 'Spider-Man' release bumped up


SEOUL -- South Korea is joining China and Japan in getting into the web-crawling action early, as the territory's release date for "Spider-Man 3" has been moved up to May 1.

A spokesman for SPI Korea said that it asked SPI's head office to have the release date moved up three days in order to bring them in line with their neighbors and to take advantage of the May 1 holiday here.

"Spider-Man 3" was originally scheduled for a day-and-date release with the U.S. on May 4.

Sony announced in March that the "Spider-Man 3" release in Japan would move to May 1 (following its April 16 world premiere in Tokyo), then followed suit for the film's release in China.

The size of the Korean release has not been confirmed yet, but Sony said it should unspool on more than 400 screens.

"Spider-Man" grossed about $18.5 million in Korea in 2002, while "Spider-Man 2" pulled in $15.7 million.