Korea's top six trounce Hollywood at boxoffice

'Aeja,' 'Take Off' lead local features into big weekend

SEOUL -- Several ambitious Korean films topped the weekend boxoffice, beating American films featuring Hollywood darlings and an animation produced by a celebrity director.

Synergy's "Aeja," a newly released Korean drama about a mother and daughter relationship revisited, attracted 389,400 admissions on 428 screens since opening Wednesday.

Shoxbox's "Take Off" continued to remain on the box office chart on its seventh weekend, at 258,000 admissions. KM Culture, the producer of the helmer Kim Yong-hwa's latest feature on national ski jumping team, also released an extended version of the film last week with more CG and added drama titled "Complete Version of Take Off: Untold Story" which came in sixth selling 64,600 tickets. Together, "Take Off" attracted 7.44 million admissions, breaking the record of "Splendid Holiday" (2007), the 10th highest grossing Korean film of all time, at 7.3 million.

Coming in third was "Itaewon Murder Case," a much-talked about Korean thriller distributed by Showbox based on the true story of a 1997 murder incident by a Korean-American suspect in Burger King in an expat neighborhood in the country's capital, which set a promising start at 283,000 admissions since opening on Thursday.

CJ Entertainment's biggie "Haeundae" which was widely released in China last month, still manages to draw local theatergoers. The film attracted 115,000 over the weekend, selling 11.2 million tickets so far.

In an unusual case for foreign films, "Black" an Indian film distributed by N.E.W. based on the life of Helen Keller directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali attracted 99,400 admissions over the weekend, adding up to 701,100 in total. An extended version of "Take Off" came in next, followed by "The Proposal" a romantic comedy starring Sandra Bullock and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, which did 54,900 over the weekend, adding up to 263,400 admissions after its second weekend.

"My Sister's Keeper" by Warner Bros recorded at 64,600 admissions on its first weekend and CJ Entertainment's "High Rain," a French action also known as "Vertige" sold 68,000 tickets. SK Telecom's "9," a CGI-animated feature better known for the film's producer Tim Burton than its director Shane Acker, set a modest start at 58,616 admissions on 224 screens.
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