Korn Co-founder Brian "Head" Welch's Chaotic Life Shown in 'Loud Krazy Love' Doc Trailer

The film will screen for the first time at the Dallas International Film Festival this weekend.

Korn co-founder Brian "Head" Welch's journey from crystal-meth addict to born-again Christian is chronicled in the new documentary Loud Krazy Love, which will premiere at the Dallas International Film Festival this weekend.

Ahead of the film's debut, The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively debuting the film's minutelong teaser trailer.

Production companies Ditore Mayo Entertainment and I Am Second Media are seeking a fall theatrical release date.

Welch co-founded Korn in the early 1990s and led a manic life for many years that included an addiction to crystal meth, which he'd hide in vitamins, deodorant — whatever was handy — while touring with the nu-metal band.

The guitarist and singer eventually became a born-again Christian and left the band in 2005, walking away from a $23 million record deal to spend time with his daughter. He rejoined Korn in 2013.

Filmmakers Trey Hill and Scott Mayo say the film is a "tumultuous coming-of-age journey filled with chaos, doubt and unconventional faith."

The movie includes tour footage and behind-the-scenes video, as well as interviews with Welch and his bandmates. At times it also delves into the issue of teenage depression.