Krane tapped to head G4 unit


Male-oriented cable channel G4 has promoted Josh Krane to senior vp of its interactive and new-media division, the network said Monday.

Krane will head G4's interactive and new-media strategy, including its multiplatform content offering known as G4 Multiplex, which expands the channel's programming to broadband, podcasting, VOD, mobile and the video game platform.

"G4's nonlinear channels are on fire," G4 Media president Neal Tiles said. "Josh has played an integral role in building G4's multiplatform business, ensuring the network remains the category leader in new media."

Krane, who joined G4 in 2001, has been responsible for directing the network's programming endeavors in VOD and the mobile platform as well as through podcasting and streaming video. He also oversaw G4's digital download-to-own collaboration with BitTorrent and DiVX and the launch of G4's Wii portal designed for Nintendo's Wii game console.

Before joining G4, Krane oversaw Internet services for online television network Pseudo Inc.