Kremlin Calls CNN's Putin Doc 'The Most Powerful Man in the World' "Hysterical," "Odious"

Fareed Zakaria's documentary, featuring Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, aired on Monday.

The Kremlin has called CNN’s documentary on Russia's president Vladimir Putin, aired Monday night, "hysterical" and "odious."

"This was rather odious material," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted as saying by news agency RIA Novosti, adding that "there was nothing new in it."

Fareed Zakaria's documentary The Most Powerful Man in the World was made "in a hysterical and emotional way, based on opinions that are groundless and often nothing but figments of imagination," according to Peskov. He added that ideas presented in the documentary were "outdated."

Incidentally, the documentary features Peskov himself, interviewed by Zakaria.

"The fact that they gave us the opportunity to take part in the film and express our position on a number of issues featured in it is positive," said Peskov.

The documentary also features former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, as well as journalists Julia Ioffe of The Atlantic and David Remnick of The New Yorker.

Zakaria is known as an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump.

The documentary repeated allegations that the Kremlin had ordered hackers to meddle in last year's U.S. elections and that Moscow may have compromising materials against Trump.