Kreskin goes mental for 'POI' project


The Amazing Kreskin is partnering with producer Katy Wallin on a reality TV version of CBS' new procedural "The Mentalist."

The project, being called "POI: Persons of Interest," follows Kreskin as he assists law enforcement in gathering information that could help solve open missing-persons or criminal cases. Kreskin and Wallin, president and CEO of Los Angeles-based MysticArt Pictures, are shopping the half-hour project to cable networks and already have shot a pilot in which the mentalist helps solve a case involving Scott Javins, a college student from Indiana who disappeared in 2002.

Wallin, who said "POI" has been in development for more than a year, noted the similarities with CBS' "Mentalist," which joins the network's schedule in the fall at 9 p.m. Tuesdays. That series stars Simon Baker as a deceptive celebrity psychic who puts his observational skills to better use working for law enforcement.

"There's an uncanny similarity between our pilot and the forthcoming CBS series 'The Mentalist,' " Wallin said. "There is one basic and major difference: 'POI' is not fiction and stars the real mentalist."

Kreskin, who recently has served as a consultant to law enforcement and security personnel, created the project with Indiana state investigator John Kleiman. Kreskin said the project is "a great chance to bring closure to families who need it." (partialdiff)