Kresley Cole's 'Game Maker' Series Reveals Book Two Cover

The Master Book Cover - P 2014

The Master Book Cover - P 2014

"The Master," the second book in the author's debut erotica line, goes on sale in Jan. 2015.

Take a peek at the cover to the newest book by best-selling author Kresley Cole. The Master is the second book in her Game Maker series, following last year's debut book, The Professional.

The Master follows a Mafia boss with a weak spot for blondes whose life is turned upside-down when he meets a feisty brunette and attempts to pursue a future with her that's separate from the life he is accustomed to.

"A need colder than Siberian winter meets an attitude hotter than the Florida sun" is how publisher Gallery Books pitches the story of the passionate relationship that unfolds between Kresley's characters.

The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive first look at the cover of Kresley's latest book teases readers with the question "Will a master game player get played?" It shows a man in a dark suit with a patterned tie sitting down and holding a lit cigar between his teeth. The picture cuts off right before the man's eyes, leaving his identity a mystery.

The Master is the second of three books from Cole in her Game Maker series, which is her first erotica line. Cole is also the author of the Immortals After Dark paranormal series, the young adult Arcana Chronicles series and five award-winning historical romance novels.

Cole has received three Romance Writers of America Awards and is a member of the RWA Hall of Fame for her extended work as an author in both YA and romance novels. She has topped the New York Times and USA Today best-seller lists.

The Master will hit bookstores in Jan. 2015.