Kris Jenner Just Got Trolled by Staples on Twitter

Kris Jenner - P 2016
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Kris Jenner - P 2016

Happy Thursday! Love, the internet.

Todd Kraines isn't the only one who likes to have a little fun at the expense of (Auntie) Kris Jenner

Staples' Canadian Twitter account trolled Jenner on Thursday after the momager-jewelry designer posted a photo of her latest necklace design, which is now available exclusively on her website for $175.

As the internet was quick to point out, the chain of the "Kris Jenner Signature Collection Elegance Pearl Necklace" resembles, well, paper clips — a fact that was not lost on Staples. The office-supply retailer retweeted Jenner and added, "Also available in aisle 7... #ThinkStaples." (We're guessing the DIY version of Jenner's jewels will be much cheaper, too.)

Well played, Staples. Well played.