Kris Jenner Says Kanye West "Will Explain Himself in His Own Way"

"He always does things with really good intentions," Jenner said about her son-in-law on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

The subject of Kanye West, and his bizarre rants over the past few days, was inevitably brought up when Kris Jenner visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday. “I’ll ask you two questions ‘cause you’re not the spokesperson for the family and this is not for you to talk about,” began DeGeneres. “What’s going on and is he OK?”

“Kanye has a lot of love for all of you, all of his fans, and everybody who’s been there to support him forever,” said Jenner. “I know that he will explain himself in his own way and I think that anything he does, and I just think this is important to say, he always does things with really good intentions.“

The singer’s mother-in-law added, “I’m gonna let him explain himself when the time’s ready and I just keep rolling on. Trying to keep up.”

Jenner also stated that it is hard to stay up to date with all of the drama surrounding her family. “It’s actually amazing because right now we’re filming,” she said. “We’re just finishing up and getting ready to start season 16. People have often said to me, ‘Do you guys have scripts? What are you doing? What are you gonna say?’ And I go, ‘What am I gonna say? I don’t even know, like I wake up and I need a vodka.’”

Later in the interview, Jenner revealed that she is in the process of hiring a new assistant with the help of the Bumble Bizz app. After handing Jenner a résumé and giving her a desk, DeGeneres began to interview for the position. “So you have my résumé. Now I’m gonna ask you some questions, ‘cause really it has to be right for me, too.”

A confused Jenner read off of the host’s résumé, “To get paid the most while simultaneously doing the least?” She then listed some of DeGeneres’ accomplishments, including 59 Daytime Emmy Awards.

“Listen, you’re gonna want me. I need to know if I want you,” interrupted DeGeneres.

The first question asked was about the working hours. “There really are no hours. You just have to be available 24/7, seven days a week. I usually wouldn’t torture you on weekends,” answered Jenner.

DeGeneres also wanted to know if she would get her own assistant. “You would have to show me how that would all work out,” said Jenner.  “I’m open. I have a good attitude about that.”

“You just signed a $150 million deal with E! How much petty cash am I allowed to take from the family bank?” asked DeGeneres. Jenner determined that $100 is the correct answer. “Just keep it in the petty cash envelope and then you can replenish it when you need to. Like when you need to go to Starbucks or you need a little something from the post office.”

The host then asked Jenner if she thinks that she would make a good assistant. “I think I would make a really good assistant because I’m so detail-oriented and I have really good organizational skills and I’m a good self-starter,” said Jenner. “And that’s what I’m looking for.”

Watch the interview process below.