Krist Novoselic ends protest campaign

Bassist ran for county clerk as 'Grange Party' candidate

CATHLAMET, Wash. -- The former bassist for Nirvana says he has made his point and ended his protest candidacy for a county clerk position in Washington state.

Earlier this month, Krist Novoselic started the campaign to protest the state's system of letting candidates pick their own party affiliation.

Novoselic, who lives in tiny Deep River, is the head of his local chapter of the Grange, a civic organization.

His election paperwork for Wahkiakum county clerk declared that he was running under the "Grange Party" banner, even though the Grange isn't a political party.

In his Seattle Weekly blog on June 12, he says his point is "crystal clear: It's wrong for me to drag a private association unwittingly onto the public ballot."

And he suggests: "Let parties nominate their own candidates.
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