Kristen Bell and James Corden Struggle to Perform an Aerial Duet

"That was an absolute disaster. Can we fix it in post?"

James Corden and Kristen Bell got glammed up to perform an aerial duet of Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes' "Up Where We Belong" On Tuesday's Late Late Show With James Corden.

The singers started out beautifully, but when it came time for them to be lifted in the air, the challenges began. Bell was effortlessly lifted to the ceiling as she sang, while Corden flailed inches above the ground. After a few verses, Corden was brought up while Bell was lowered close to the floor.

"We're supposed to be even," the actress exclaimed. "Can you make us equal?"

The bit continued as Corden and Bell sang and passed each other, trying to grasp one another's hands and stay in the same place.

"That was an absolute disaster," Corden said at the end of the song, joking "Can we fix it in post?"