Kristen Stewart, Nicholas Hoult Dined at Hooters During TIFF Screening

Hoult, Stewart and Doremus at TIFF.

Stewart, Hoult and 'Equals' director Drake Doremus had chicken wings and beer while their movie played at the festival.

Often when a movie is screening at a film festival, the cast will duck out of the theater once the film starts to enjoy a nice dinner together.

But, at TIFF, the stars of Equals  Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult chose to head to a more casual eatery: Hooters.

Stewart, Hoult and director Drake Doremus' sci-fi love story Equals had its premiere in Toronto on Sunday. After walking the red carpet and greeting the audience, the trio left the theater to drop by the local Hooters for an hour with about 15 people.

It turns out the co-stars, who play two people living in a futuristic society where human emotion has been eliminated, had been craving chicken wings and beer all day, so they set out to visit Hooters, bringing around a dozen people to the restaurant with them. Stewart swapped her Chanel dress that she wore on the red carpet for a more casual ensemble.

Stewart, Hoult and Doremus returned to the theater before Equals had finished playing, and proceeded to talk about the project, which has previously played at the Venice Film Festival, afterward in a short Q&A.

Hoult and Doremus then headed to the afterparty at the Soho House in Toronto, but Stewart had to head to the airport and back to work: She's shooting Woody Allen's latest film in New York.

Earlier on Sunday, Stewart and Doremus stopped by THR's video lounge to talk about the film. Watch the video below.