Sundance: Why Kristen Stewart Barely Makes Eye Contact in 'Certain Women'

"In terms of physical beauty in the States, it's really mind-blowing," Stewart said of shooting in Montana.

In Certain Women, Kristen Stewart doesn't see eye-to-eye with co-star Lily Gladstone.

"I think we make eye contact like two or three times!" Gladstone joked to The Hollywood Reporter at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.

That's because the Kelly Reichardt film, which follows three women's stories in a small town in Montana, casts them both as two women who are very stuck in their daily grind.

Based on short stories by Maile Meloy, Certain Women casts Stewart as a new lawyer who has gotten stuck teaching a night class that requires her to drive four hours each direction. There, she meets a young rancher (Lily Gladstone), who is also looking for meaning in her life.

"What drew me personally to it was it’s really sad to watch two people on two completely different pages, maybe think they’re understanding something, but you’re just having two separate conversations,” Stewart explained of joining the project.

And as for shooting in Montana, though only for a short time (upon driving from Los Angeles), "In terms of physical beauty in the States, it's really mind-blowing."