Kristen Stewart Is Gorgeous in Gucci on Cover of British 'Vogue'

In a revealing, pre-scandal interview, the actress spoke about her role in "On the Road," which contains graphic sex scenes.

Kristen Stewart’s British Vogue cover was shot prior to the scandal involving her married Snow White and The Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

She looks amazing on the mag's cover wearing a turquoise floral print Gucci dress with a peek of her black bra showing. But some of things she says in the interview seem more intriguing post-affair.

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She talks about her role in On the Road as 16-year-old Mary Lou, a character based on the girlfriend of beat poet Neal Cassady (called Dean Moriarity in the film).  She admits she related to these outsider, non-conformist, free spirited characters. And in truth, the film will likely do little to cease speculation about her sex life, since she has several racy sex scenes, also appearing topless and indulging in a threesome.

"There is always going to be that seam of people who want things differently to the standardised version," she said in the magazine. "It's not necessarily a rebellious thing, it's just who they are. That world back then, it just seems freer to me than anything I could ever touch and I'm fully nostalgic for it, even though I wasn't even alive then.”

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The film is premiering at the Toronto Film Festival Thursday, and reporters have no doubt been given the word that any questions about the scandal or Robert Pattinson are totally off-limits.

But Kristen has to be a bit nervous about the premiere. Could you blame her?

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