Kristen Stewart Plays Jell-O Shot Twister With Jimmy Fallon and Reveals Her New Tattoo

Kristen Stewart Twister — H 2016

The actress also talked about the time Jodie Foster got her a mariachi band for her birthday.

Kristen Stewart and Jimmy Fallon were filled with Jell-O shots Monday night as they worked their way across a Twister board.

Fallon invited the actress, who's starring in two movies hitting theaters Friday (Equals and Cafe Society), to play the game with him on the 50th anniversary of Johnny Carson and Eva Gabor playing Twister on The Tonight Show. He changed it up by adding a Jell-O shot to every circle.

"I'm so full," exclaimed Stewart, after a few shots and bendy moves. "I'm cramping right now," said Fallon.

Watch the clip below to see who wins and how they manage to take the shots with their hands and feet on the Twister board.

When Stewart sat down for her interview, she talked about her new blond hair, revealing this was the first time she's changed her hair for herself, not for a role. When a break came up in her acting schedule she had a few goals: "scrape my knees, possibly get a bunch more tattoos and shave my head."

She settled on "lesser forms" of those aspirations, bleaching her hair and getting a tattoo that reads "One more time with feeling."

"I love that for everything," said Stewart, explaining it goes beyond the classic saying directors tell actors. "You can always try again with anything you do."

Stewart also talked about how Jodie Foster threw her a birthday party, complete with a mariachi band, when she starred opposite Foster in Panic Room. Watch below.