Kristen Stewart, Lupita Nyong'o Confirmed for Image Makers Awards

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Lupita Nyong'o and Micaela Erlanger

Marie Claire will honor glam squad stars like Tracey Cunningham and Micaela Erlanger at the inaugural fete.

They say image is everything.

And nowhere is that probably more true than in Hollywood, a place where it takes a village (and then some) to create an image worthy of A-list star status. This is also a place that is quickly becoming known as a city where behind-the-scenes artists who collaborate on said images are often congratulated and honored for their work.

Enter Marie Claire.

The standout women's mag will host the inaugural Image Maker Awards in Los Angeles on Jan. 12. Presented by L'Oreal Paris in partnership with AG Jeans, the affair promises to be quite swanky, thanks to the ever-hip setting — Chateau Marmont. 

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Marie Claire editor-in-chief Anne Fulenwider announced the honorees on Wednesday, marking what is explained as "the pinnacle of a yearlong multi-platform franchise recognizing the behind-the-scenes stylists, artists and gurus who help their A-list clients create signature looks, set trends and influence the style conversation." Hence the Image Makers moniker. 

This year’s list of honorees and celebrity presenters include: 

• Adir Abergel as Choice Hair Stylist, presented by Jennifer Garner.

• Tracey Cunningham as Detail Maker, presented by Jessica Biel.

• Jillian Dempsey as Choice Makeup Artist, presented by Kristen Stewart.

• Micaela Erlanger as Choice Stylist, presented by Lupita Nyong’o

• Sir John as Social Media Star, presented by Nina Garcia

• Jenn Streicher as New Guard, presented by Carrie Brownstein.

The roster of 2015 Image Makers will be featured in Marie Claire’s February 2016 issue, which also hits newsstands on Jan. 12. 

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Pret-a-Reporter picked Fulenwider's brain about the why and how of it all. And of course what she's going to wear on the big night. 

Where did the idea come from to launch a new event like this? 

At Marie Claire we celebrate women looking and feeling their best. There’s nothing like the confidence that comes from knowing you look great. But in this age of reality TV, social media and #Iwokeuplikethis selfies, the idea that stars show up to any photo shoot or to a red-carpet event in perfect form as if by magic is outdated. We thought, in service to our readers, we would shine a spotlight on the entire process. There is magic happening, but it’s due to the very hard work of a slew of talented people. This is not just an event for us — it’s a yearlong, multi-platform franchise we created in partnership with the E! Network. There is a video series, a section in the magazine and on, social media support and E! will broadcast highlights of the event.

Why did you decide to have it in Los Angeles? 

We’ve been coming out to L.A. for the Golden Globes to co-host the Weinsteins’ after-party for several years and we love it. We wanted to extend our presence and really celebrate the awards season from a Marie Claire perspective. We knew everyone would still be in town and we wanted to keep the party going!

How were the honorees selected?

There are so many talented people in this industry that it was really hard to make selections. We gathered our fashion and beauty editors as well as people in the business whom we trust, and in the end it came down to choosing people whose work we admire and who are really directing the style conversation. There are really so many people we want to honor that we’ll have to keep doing this for the next decade!

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There has been a trend as of late to honor the behind-the-scenes style stars lately. Why do you think this makes sense?

I think hair, makeup and fashion stylists (not to mention health and fitness gurus) have come to the forefront in large part due to Instagram. How many times have you seen a star post a photo of herself getting ready tagged #GlamSquad? I think it makes sense for Marie Claire in particular, because we have always shared insider tips and tricks for getting ready, be it for a party, a job interview or a date. But also Marie Claire has always highlighted creative and surprising careers from a very practical point of view, from video-game designer to White House social secretary to CEO. We really see this as an extension of our career conversation. I mean, one of our honorees started off as a Hollywood nanny. Talking about that journey is really inspiring to our readers.

Check the ingredients: A big Image Makers event in Los Angeles featuring the town’s top stars in fashion, beauty and social media all converging at one of L.A.’s most hip locations in the Chateau Marmont. What will you wear?

Ha! Still working my way through holiday parties, but as soon as I’ve decided I’ll let you know!