Kristen Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg Mock Sexist Interview Questions for Funny or Die

Funny or Die
Kristen Stewart

Stewart asks her 'American Ultra' co-star to face the Mani Cam.

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg took a jab at sexism in Hollywood during the press tour for American Ultra.

While promoting their upcoming film, the co-stars took part in a Funny or Die video parodying the questions actresses commonly are asked on the red carpet and during press junkets.

In the sketch, Stewart and Eisenberg flip the script and interview each other — Stewart answers questions intended for Eisenberg, and Eisenberg answers questions intended for Stewart.

Eisenberg begins the interview by asking Stewart, "How did you bulk up for this role?"

"I don't typically really need to work out. I just kind of focus on staying healthy and grounded," replies Stewart before following up and asking the actor who his favorite designers are and if he's seeing anyone at the moment.

"Is that what it says there?" asks Eisenberg, gesturing toward Stewart's cue cards. "I think they may have switched our cards."

"Oh yeah, maybe. I do get these questions a lot," replies Stewart. "Is this not how they usually go for you?"

Stewart then fires back with another round of questions for a flustered Eisenberg, asking if he is pregnant, how he keeps his skin vibrant and whether he got his nails done recently (a Mani Cam close-up is a given).

Watch the parody video below.

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg's Awkward Interview from Funny Or Die