'Snow White and the Huntsman's' Kristen Stewart: 6 of the Actress' Steamiest On-Screen Kisses (Video)

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As the "Twilight" star turns 22, The Hollywood Reporter looks back at a collection of scenes where she's snogging her co-stars.

Even in an industry powered by gossip and sensationalism, few actresses’ love lives have been the subject of more speculation than Kristen Stewart’s. It certainly hasn’t hurt that she’s been linked with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, whose on screen relationship already embodies the fantasies of the property’s voracious fan base.

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But even as a young woman whose film roles have seldom fallen into the “female love interest” category, Stewart’s done a surprising amount of co-star canoodling. To commemorate the actress’ April 9 birthday, The Hollywood Reporter has put together a collection of six of her most memorable on-screen kisses, complete with video clips.

Undertow (2004, Dir. David Gordon Green) – Before Stewart was cozying up to Robert Pattinson in the first twilight, she shared the screen with Jamie Bell in this film from David Gordon Green. In the midst of its languid tale of two boys being pursued by a murderous uncle, she and Bell share a tender kiss:

Fierce People (2005, Dir. Griffin Dunne) – Although just a year prior her scene with Bell portrayed a young woman’s first kiss, in Fierce People, she was helping a young man through his. After a quick kiss in the hospital room of her comatose father, she later summons him to a private room where the duo cover each other with paint and feverishly make out. Click here to check out the scene.

In the Land of Women (2007, Dir. Jon Kasdan) Adam Brody is technically the star of this drama – and Stewart’s not the only co-star he kisses. But he gets a great scene with her as the two of them get in an argument, only to unexpectedly make-up in the middle of the street, consummating their attraction with a feverish kiss:

Twilight (2008, Dir. Catherine Hardwicke) – Although in retrospect the technical bona fides of the first Twilight film pale in comparison to later installments, what Hardwicke gets absolutely right is the intense, overwhelming attraction that Bella shares with Edward. In this first kiss between the two of them, she’s instantly consumed with desire when they kiss – although Edward quickly realizes that that chemistry might be a little too much to handle:

Adventureland (2009, Dir. Greg Mottola) – Again Stewart plays the more experienced lover in a film, this time thanks to a relationship with the much older Ryan Reynolds. But the best kiss in the film comes in its final moments, when she reunites with co-star Jesse Eisenberg and the two of them finally seem to come to terms with their on-again-off-again attraction to one another:

The Runaways (2010, Dir. Floria Sigismondi) – In Sigismondi’s portait of the troubled rise to fame of the Runaways, she devotes ample screen time to the complicated relationship between Joan Jett (Stewart) and lead singer Cherie Curie (Dakota Fanning). After a night of rock & roll abandon, the pair share a liplock that almost overshadowed the film itself: