Kristen Stewart Stars in Rolling Stones' "Ride 'Em On Down" Video

Kristen Stewart in Rolling Stones video - H 2016

The actress goes for a joy ride in the group's cover of Eddie Taylor's blues standard, off their new album 'Blue & Lonesome.'

Kristen Stewart was born to be bad in the new clip for the Rolling Stones' "Ride 'Em on Down." The actress slips into the guise of a classic video vixen for the classic rockers' cover of Eddie Taylor's blues standard, which is pretty much just her, the bare-bones blues boogie and a '65 Mustang ripping up the streets of L.A.

The song from the group's new all-covers album Blue & Lonesome (out Dec. 2), is as stripped down as the story of the video, which is basically: A woman goes for a ride in her blue Mustang, she licks a blue lollipop, dances seductively at a gas station, gets pulled over by a sexy cop and then races through an L.A. River culvert where she encounters a zebra and does some sweet spin-outs in the water.

Any questions?

Watch the video below.

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