Kristen Stewart's Wanderlust

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Director Walter Salles chose Stewart to play "On the Road's" free spirit when she was just 16. After a "Twilight" detour, Stewart came back to the coveted role.

Before Bella, there was Marylou. Director Walter Salles chose Stewart to play On the Road's free spirit when she was just 16. After a Twilight detour, Stewart came back to the coveted role

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Were you nervous when you came to play Marylou?

Kristen Stewart: I was putting a lot of pressure on myself. I thought: "This is tough. It's showy; it's really extreme. I would kill to live that vicarious experience, but I don't know if I necessarily have it in me." She is a remarkable person, but I find some of the things she does -- I don't know if I could do them. The way she approaches relationships in her life, her priorities are very different. She runs off with boys, does drugs, isn't scared to be naked and laughs out loud at the wrong moments. But once I really got to know who she was, it was very natural.

THR: How difficult was the nudity?

Stewart: I was able to do it, and it wasn't hard. It's funny, I'm not the most free and open and physical. I guess now that I am getting older, it's easier, but looking back, it does blow me away. I go, "Oh, my God, what were you doing?" I just felt if we didn't use nudity, it wouldn't be true. It would be so obvious that someone is afraid, and this movie has no room for that.

THR:How did the last two Twilight shoots intersect?

Stewart: I did On the Road and went right into Breaking Dawn 1 and 2. I didn't have that grieving period, sitting around, going over every moment, letting your mind do its thing. But it wasn't hard to get back into Bella; I had the same feelings for that movie that I have for all the things I have been driven to do.

THR:You hurt your foot during Breaking Dawn reshoots. How extensive was the filming?

Stewart: The reshoots were essentially to get the stuff we couldn't get in Brazil because it was raining there. We went to the Virgin Islands. There was a scene in the water right before the honeymoon, and that was what we worked on. I worked one day. It was just me and Rob [Pattinson].

THR: What's the next thing you have lined up?

Stewart: I am actually not working at the moment. I'm just waiting to be moved, waiting to be provoked. When you do stuff like this, it raises the bar.