Kristen Wiig Pretends to Be 'The Bachelorette's' JoJo Fletcher on 'The Tonight Show'

Kristen Wiig — H 2016

"Sometimes we, like, rub each other," the 'Ghostbusters' star said of what goes on in the show's famous "fantasy suite."

On Wednesday, Kristen Wiig continued her tradition of pretending to be various famous figures for her Tonight Show interviews. This time, the actress, promoting her role in the Ghostbusters reboot, pretended to be The Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher, claiming her name is short for "JoJosephina."

Wiig, as usual, was hilariously oblivious as to JoJo's real life (she seemed a little lost when Fallon referenced her past appearance on The Bachelor) and The Bachelorette in general. For instance, when Fallon asked her about what happens in the fantasy suites, Wiig's JoJo replied, half-asking, "The fantasy suites? That's where I go on dates?"

"Sometimes you know, we kiss a little. Sometimes we, like, rub each other," she added, laughing. She didn't stop there, though, saying that "it's a show," so sometimes they pretend, but other times they "go all the way."

For part of the interview, Fallon showed Wiig's JoJo pictures of the final four contestants, but she didn't seem to know any of their names, making up monikers for the contestants. Chase McNary was dubbed "Deucey," while Jordan Rodgers, whom Wiig's JoJo claimed was a huge Star Wars fan, was dubbed "JorJor Binks."

Fallon took a few minutes to promote Ghostbusters and showed a clip from the Sony reboot, with Wiig playing along saying, as JoJo, that she was excited to see the movie that she's heard good things about.

But Fallon had one last curve ball for his old Saturday Night Live co-star, telling Wiig's JoJo that she performs a song on the Ghostbusters soundtrack called, "Ghost, Will You Accept This Rose?" A nervous-looking Wiig then serenaded the audience with the song.

Fletcher tweeted that she found the impersonation "amazing."