Kristen Wiig and Seth Meyers Apologize for Not Using a Coaster, Stolen Headphones, More Transgressions

Kristen Wiig and Seth Clear the Air - Screen Shot-H 2016
Courtesy of Late Night with Seth Meyers

The two friends and former 'SNL' co-stars worked on "clearing the air" and making amends for "past indiscretions."

Seth Meyers and Kristen Wiig have known each other for a decade, and Meyers thought it was about time they forgave each other for past problems they've had.

"Sometimes when you have such a long and close relationship with someone, there are moments when feelings get hurt," said Meyers. "So I thought with the time we have together right now, we would make amends for any past indiscretions we've committed against once another."

Meyers apologized for not responding to Wiig's emails right away. "It took me a couple of days because I was on vacation."

Wiig's apology jokingly revealed that she had always thought Meyers spelled his last name "Miyerrhzzz." She added, "Also I didn't know that your first name is Seth," adding that she had always thought his name was Beth.

As they continued to ask each other for forgiveness, Wiig revealed she had sold Meyers' name to a Japanese energy drink that cures male impotence. If Meyers ever goes to Japan, he will be known as Impotence Man, she told him. That's not all. Wiig once dosed Meyers with LSD.

"I thought sending you on a psychedelic journey would be really funny," she said. "My son's face transformed into Larry King's face," said Meyers. "Do you think that's funny?"

"A baby with old man face wearing suspenders? I actually don't think there's anything funnier," said Wiig. As their conversation unfolded, things briefly spiraled out of control. Water guns and headphone court were involved, watch below.

The Ghostbusters actress also sat down with Meyers for an interview, during which they talked about finding the most perfect green peanut M&M which she drew on to look like Slimer from Ghostbusters.

"Look at his body," she exclaimed.

She gifted it to Meyers who said he should build a shrine to it, surprising his wife one day when she comes home.

Meyers also talked about how Wiig is more popular with his wife's parents than he is. He said that he tried painting once but only because "I was jealous of [Seth's father-in-law's] love for you. Now I'm doing things I don't want to be doing," he joked.

Wiig shared a story about when she lost her dog, Moose, and the police who found her pup asked her for a photo. Meyers said it would have been "the most diva-ish move" if Wiig had said no.

Then they showed a picture of Wiig's dog Moose, cleaning her house as punishment for running away.