Kristen Wiig's Awkward Harry Styles Impersonation Reduces Jimmy Fallon to Giggles (Video)


The "Bridesmaids" star looked the part as she dressed up as the British One Direction singer on Tuesday's Tonight Show, but she certainly didn't sound it, causing the host to break down into fits of laughter.

New Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon lived up to the high bar that he set on his opening night in terms of celebrity guests when he welcomed Kristen WiigJerry Seinfeld and Lady Gaga to his New York Studio on Tuesday.

Rather than sparking a SNL reunion, Bridesmaids star Wiig opted to come dressed as another huge star -- One Direction singer Harry Styles, but she didn't seem to have rehearsed her role very well, resulting in an amusing but very off-the-wall faux interview.

Wearing a black tailored suit, layers of cross necklaces, pointed boots -- and most importantly -- boasting Styles' huge floppy hair, Wiig pranced onto the stage to huge applause.

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Instead of trying to copy the Brit phenomena's English accent, however, Wiig stuck to sounding American, and stumbled over her words as Fallon coolly pretended that she was the real teen heartthrob, asking how the band got their big break.

"We were … at school … and then we began rehearsing, and then we sent a cassette tape, to RCA. They called my house," Wiig stuttered. Fallon then asked what her number was.

"Well it was in England, so it was very long. They asked if we wanted to be on their record label. I was really freaked out!" she exclaimed, as neither she nor Fallon could keep a straight face. 

"How do you style your hair?" he quizzed the comedian about her oversize bouffant, "I have to use two hairdryers," as Fallon quipped that she "aimed them at each other like they were fighting."

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Determined to make her stumble over her boy band facts, he then asked: "How did you come up with the name One Direction?"

"We thought we just wanted to sing about positive things and keep everything moving forward," was the deer-in-the-headlights response.

Next came the rapid fire question round, which prompted even more very-English answers, such as "carnitas" for favorite food, "giraffe" for favorite animal -- and most odd, "half kicker" for favorite snowboarding move.

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No interview with a global pop star would be complete without an autographed photo -- signed like a four-year-old -- and a impromptu singing session, which forced Kristen to stumbled along to One Direction's hit, "What Makes You Beautiful," with the lyrics held up in front of her. Fortunately, avid performer Fallon joined in and the pair belted out a jolly rendition of the pop song to round the skit off on a high note.

A little more serious and far more polished was the previous interview with Seinfeld, who reminded Fallon of the years of hosting ahead of him at the helm of the iconic show. 

"It's a Pope job. You work until you die! You choose when you want to quit," said Seinfeld. "Lets look at what they've done with our Jimmy, this is a bizarre human experiment -- we're going to seal you up into this studio for 20 or 30 years, and lets see if he can survive 600,000 consecutive hours of thank you notes and Justin Timberlake song parodies," he joked.

Watch the full Kristen Wiig "Harry Styles" interview below: