Kristin Cavallari's Brother Reported Missing After Car Crash

Courtesy of Grand County Sheriff's Office; Getty Images
Michael and Kristin Cavallari

Michael Cavallari's car was discovered on Nov. 27 with the engine running and the airbag deployed, but with no sign of the driver.

The disappearance of Michael Cavallari, 27, brother of actress Kristin Cavallari of The Hills and Laguna Beach, is being investigated by the Sheriff's Department in Grand County, Utah after his abandoned car was discovered along Interstate 70 in the southern part of the state.

Grand County Sheriff Steven White confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that on Nov. 27, a local rancher found Cavallari's car roughly 100 feet off the road. The 2014 Honda Civic had hit a large rock and the airbags had been employed. The car was still running, and Cavallari's cell phone and laptop were inside but there was no sign of the driver.

Ground sweepers and helicopters covered the area, searching for signs of Cavallari. Sheriff White told THR that, unfortunately, the ground had frozen, which made tracking difficult. "There are really no signs of anything," White said. "The vehicle was just abandoned."

Video surveillance confirms that Cavallari stopped at a convenience store about 100 miles south of the accident, but he hasn't been seen since he made a purchase there.

Kristen Cavallari is married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, and the couple welcomed their third child on Nov. 23, just days before Michael Cavallari disappeared. The family told investigators that they believed it was possible that Cavallari was on his way to Chicago to see his sister when he went missing.

On Dec. 7, Kristen Cavallari posted a picture of her brother and herself on Instagram. "I appreciate all the concern, thoughts, and prayers that have been extended to me and my family," she captioned the image. "We remain hopeful and I will share any news that we receive. I have such gratitude for all those that have shared their support."

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