Kristin Chenoweth Explains Imposter Bangs on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

Chenoweth Ellen DeGeneres Show - H 2011
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Chenoweth Ellen DeGeneres Show - H 2011

The actress and singer entertained the talk show host with revelations about her new look and what the 'do has in common with Jennifer Lopez.

Bubbly blond dynamo Kristin Chenoweth appeared on Wednesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote her new album, Some Lessons Learned. And the minute she walked onstage, DeGeneres went straight for the jugular with an extremely personal question: "When did you get bangs?"

"Just about 10 minutes ago," a nonplussed Kristin replied. "I’m serious. They’re fake. It’s a bang piece."

"That’s not your hair?" asked the disbelieving comedienne, adding, "It’s so scary for women to cut (bangs)."

Kristen agreed. "It’s a commitment. If you want bangs, you've got to commit."

When Ellen confessed abject ignorance about the existence of such things as fake bangs, Kristin explained a little too much. "They make bang pieces. The woman that made J.Lo’s bangs... Oops, secret, I shouldn’t of said that. I mean, if J.Lo were to wear bangs, the woman that maybe made them... she might of made these."

Aha! So now we know J.Lo wears fake bangs!

Kristin also described a recent blind date she went on: "We had mutual friends and he wanted to play a joke and do a little skit in front of them," she explained. "I just said, 'I’d really rather not work on the date.'"

Turns out the guy wanted to play a joke on his friends that would go something like this: "He'd say, 'What color are are your panties?' And I’d have to act shocked and appalled, and I’d say, pink. He’d say, 'Can I have them?' And I scooch out of them. So I did it. I did it. I felt pressured."

Kristin then held up the big finger-thumb "L for loser" sign on her forehead, just over her fake bangs.

Ellen expressed our feelings succinctly when she marveled, "You’re telling me this story as if it’s the most ridiculous thing and then it ends with, 'So I did it.'"

Yup. That's pretty much the gist of it.