Kristin Davis Visits Seoul

"Sex and the City" Star in Town to Open New Clinic

SEOUL – Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte York on HBO’s Sex and the City and the subsequent movies, was in Seoul last week for the opening of the Chaum Center, a beauty-healthcare clinic in an upscale neighborhood in southern Seoul.

The Hollywood actress, who is an avid supporter of alternative medicine off the screen, played a role in the global smash TV series in which she visits an acupuncturist in New York to treat her infertility. The TV series was a sensational hit among younger Korean women, and was played on local cable until last year.

“I think one of the things you miss out in America is that we try to separate the outside and inside,” said Davis, who's been getting acupuncture treatment for the last 20 years to treat her back problems from wearing heels. “Here they combine it.”

At the center’s opening, Davis was still in high heels and a pink satin dress. In her first trip to Korea, Davis, who also does yoga and Pilates, spent her time in Seoul checking out temples and pottery shops in the old part of the city.

“Normally I’m too busy and I don’t have time to shop,” she said.

Davis is set to star in The Happiness Project, based on a memoir by Gretchen Rubin about the author’s journey to happiness. She also plays the mother to Josh Hutcherson's character in the upcoming film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.