Kristin Dolan's 605 Launches Index to Measure Impact of TV Advertising

Courtesy of 605
Kristin Dolan

The company is analyzing how advertising affects branding and sales, providing examples from such brands as AT&T, GEICO, Samsung and Nissan.

Kristin Dolan's advanced data and analytics company, 605, in which cable giant Charter Communications has an investment, has launched The 605 Impact Index, which promises to measure the impact of TV advertising on branding and sales.

"Building on its pioneering TV analytics work with blue-chip clients like Walmart and Uber, 605 developed the Impact Index as a more complete measure of the business impact of TV advertising, which will deliver clients actionable insights to optimize both brand marketing and sales outcomes from their TV advertising investments," the company said.

"It's no secret that the legacy TV measurement system has not kept pace with modern-day marketing demands," said Ben Tatta, co-founder and president of 605. "Although recent developments in the field of TV attribution are a move in the right direction, most of these solutions focus on sales attribution only. These ... methods fail to capture the enormous impact TV delivers in terms of brand awareness, perception and favorability."

The index uses matchable TV data sets and custom research to benchmark qualitative metrics, such as brand awareness and favorability. The result is Brand Impact Metrics, which include brand awareness, brand perception, brand favorability and net promoter score, as well as Sales Impact Metrics, which measure such factors as ad engagement, ad response, sales conversion and conversion lift.

605 released findings from its work to show what insights the Impact Index can deliver. Among its findings are that two of GEICO's top three indexing primetime shows are niche programs airing on PBS, namely Great Performances and Finding Your Roots, adding specialized, hard-to-reach viewers to the mass audiences it gets on TV more broadly. 

Meanwhile, audiences most favorable to AT&T overindex on Viacom’s TV Land network, "but it is the only Viacom-owned network that has no AT&T advertising," according to 605.

605 has also found that those favorable to the Nissan brand tend to watch a lot of Spanish-language television. "Nissan’s unique approach and continued investment in reaching Hispanic audiences is paying off," it concluded. "The company is using creative advertising, planning and strategic partnerships to help drive brand awareness that supports sales outcomes." 

In addition, people favoring the Samsung brand tend to watch more youth-oriented programming on such networks as Comedy Central, Freeform and MTV, 605 said. "Samsung has garnered a unique affinity among younger, hard-to-reach audiences on TV, which will lead to loyal followers of their products over time."