KTLA's Sam Rubin launches talk show

'Hollywood Uncensored' debuts Sept. 4 on Reelzhannel

KTLA Entertainment anchor Sam Rubin is launching a new "no holds barred" entertainment talk show Sept. 4 on Reelzchannel, "Hollywood Uncensored With Sam Rubin" intended to be "The McLaughlin Group" meets "Real Time With Bill Maher" with a Hollywood spin.

Rubin will have four guests each week drawn from movies, TV, music, sports, pop culture and journalism who will tackle the hottest topics in show biz. While in the past celebrities have been hesitant to speak their mind for fear it would hurt their career, Rubin believes times have changed.

"With all the social media it has made some stars more accessible and more candid," said Rubin. "You can no longer hide the elephant in the room. People know when they have been involved in a bad project."

Rubin is not just host but also produced the pilot and his newly energized company is producing the show. Rubin is executive producer along with Grace Mendoza. Heidi Schultz is talent coordinator for the show which will tape each week in Los Angeles.

Rubin couldn't name the first panel of guests yet but said the pilot included comic Ross Matthews and outspoken talk show host Carrie Keegan. Rubin said he expects the same kind of stars he interviews each morning on the KTLA Morning News to also become panelist, even when they don't have anything to promote.

"This is certainly something that has been tried before," said Rubin, "but I think there is an opportunity for it. People are more willing to express their opinions. It's not just what are you wearing. We're going to get into the kind of thing (celebrities) have always said to me when the cameras are off."

In the announcement, Rubin said topics might include: "Who are the actors earning $20 million per movie and how'd they do it? Does 3D enhance the movie-going experience or is it a gimmick to raise ticket prices? Celebrity scandals-do fans forgive or forget?"

"Sam Rubin has a unique approach and unprecedented access to all things Hollywood," said Mike Smith, senior vp of programming at Reelzchannel, "making him the perfect choice to share and discuss his insights with a celebrity roundtable and our viewers."

The decision to "get more entrepreneurial" said Rubin is part of his belief being on local TV isn't what it used to be. "People are recognizing because of the financial pressures on local news those blockbuster salaries aren't there any more," said Rubin. "If you want a longer, more lucrative career, you have to do more than you are doing on any one show."

Rubin has been appearing on the cable net Reelzchannel, which is in about 50 million U.S. TV homes, since it launched in fall 2007. He has also done a second pilot of them about movie news that is also under consideration.

Rubin, who has been doing entertainment news on the morning show since 1991, will be on the red carpet at the Emmys later this month, marking his tenth year covering the TV awards, this time with Jessica Holmes. He has also done a red carpet show at the Oscars for the past 18 years.

Rubin said he is working with KTLA and its parent, Tribune Company, to explore syndicating those awards show specials (which are produced with the L.A. Times) to a wider audience around the country.

Rubin, who won the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Award from the L.A. Press Club earlier this year at the National Entertainment Journalism Awards, also recently began producing entertainment reports seen in movie theaters in Australia and on radio and television in Great Britain and Canada.