Kurt Rieder Rejoins Singapore's Golden Village as CEO

The former managing director returns after a four-year sojourn at United International Pictures.

BEIJING -- Kurt Rieder, former senior vp Asia-Pacific with Hollywood distribution giant United International Pictures, has joined Singapore's leading cinema operator and independent film distribution company Golden Village as CEO.

To rejoin GV, where Rieder last worked as managing director in 2007, he exits his most recent position as MD of Shanghai-based Asia film industry consultancy Artisan Gateway, where he’ll retain the role of non-executive director.
At GV, Rieder will work alongside managing director David Glass until the end of June when Glass retires to join his family in Los Angeles, Rieder said in an email to The Hollywood Reporter. 
“I’m excited to be back at Golden Village, working alongside such an experienced and dedicated team,” he said.
GV’s recent growth has admissions at its theaters at an all-time high, said Rieder, noting that two new development projects are in the works and “major investments in projection and ticketing technology” are on the horizon.