Kurt Russell Pays Tribute to Bill Paxton: "He Was Never Complacent"

Tombstone Still - Everett - P 2017
Courtesy of Everett Collection

Russell recalls working with his "sneaky-good" 'Tombstone' co-star: "It was rarely about him or his problems."

He was a really sneaky-good actor. He was very subtle and effective in his own unique way. He was always finding the immediacy that his character was living in, second by second. He was extremely present when he was working. And that was juxtaposed against a very easygoing guy.

But he was never complacent. He was always helpful. He liked working on a problem and finding an outcome, how to make a scene better. It was rarely, if ever — never, really — about him or his problems. You won't find anybody who didn't like Bill Paxton. And that's not something you can say about a lot of actors.

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