Kurt Sutter Quits Twitter Days After Controversial Frank Darabont, 'Mad Men' Rant

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"I don't regret any tweet, nor do I apologize," writes the "Sons of Anarchy" creator.

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter is no longer speaking his mind on Twitter.

He pulled the plug on his account over the weekend -- just a few days after going on a rant in which he criticized AMC and blamed Mad Men's Matthew Weiner for Frank Darabont getting fired as showrunner on The Walking Dead.

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Sutter explained his decision on his website:  "My exit from Twitter was quite simple and, c'mon, let's face it, pretty f--king obvious -- I'm a guy desperately in need of buffers.  I have big feelings, big reactions, big emotions.  All the things that serve me as an artist, but challenge me as a socially-responsible human being.  I've learned in most areas of my life, to bounce heated choices off other people.  Co-workers, my agent, my wife, a sponsor, etc.  A majority of the time, that keeps me on the right side of things.  With Twitter, there was no buffer, just me, my big feelings and my big opinions.  I don't regret any tweet, nor do I apologize.  Everything I said was done in the spirit of social conversation, free speech and was my opinion.  Right or wrong, I said it, I own it."

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"I also don't blame anyone for my exit," he goes on. "But my deactivation was pretty much self-preservation.  Eventually, I would have said something that got me or someone else buried in a suffocating pile of irrevocable toxic man s--t."

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He ends with, "Anyway, I'm climbing down from my soapbox, now.  Maybe I should get a radio show.  NPR, Sirrius [siq], what d'ya think?  Kurt Sutter's Happy Hour?"

Sutter also has a history of firing shots at the Television Academy for its repeated neglect of Sons of Anarchy and its cast. The day before Emmy nominations were announced last month, Sutter predicted on Twitter that his show would again be overlooked. When it was, he took to Twitter.

“If my mom and dad were alive, this Emmy snub would kill them,” he Tweeted. “That’s not true; they were too old to understand my show. Just like the academy."

He also again took aim at the Fox hit Glee, which has become something of an Emmy darling in its three seasons on the air.

“F--k glee. hate those annoying, 'please accept me for who I am', singing brats. there, I said it. are you happy?"

Earlier this month at the Television Critics Association press tour, Sutter seemed to foreshadow his Twitter deactivation.

“My tweets are more about my bad relationship with my father than they were about the actual Emmys,” he explained. “If any of you want to lay me down on a couch and talk about that I will gladly open up that can of worms -- and probably pay you.”

"It was really making fun of the whole [Emmy] process," he continued. "I don’t regret anything I say or do. I should have realized there was history, so I protect myself and the show so that it’s not ripped out of context.”

The Hollywood Reporter has detailed exactly what went down before Darabont was fired. Sutter says: "why darabont got fired - weiner. he held AMC hostage, broke their bank, budgets were slashed, shit rolled down hill onto gilligan and frank…

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"no one else wants to f--king say it, but the greed of mad men is killing the other two best shows on tv -- breaking bad and walking dead," added Sutter, referring to AMC's  long negotiations with Weiner and Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan.

The new issue of THR reveals the inside workings of AMC, which some say does not seem ready to handle its success.

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 "It feels like they don't have the experience of being on top," one source says. "They're total ball-busters, and that p--ses people off."