Kylie Jenner Is Going to Canada to Drink (Legally) on Her 18th Birthday

kylie jenner - H 2015
AP Images

kylie jenner - H 2015

Talk about commitment.

Most teens participating in underage drinking either bribe older siblings to buy them booze or fib to their parents about their whereabouts (or so we've been told) — but not Kylie Jenner. No, Jenner, who plans to drink in celebration of her 18th birthday, is taking legality out of the equation with a fairly obvious solution: She's leaving the country.

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That's right, the recent high school grad is headed to Montreal for a beach-club birthday bash on Aug. 16., where there will be dancing, there will be swimming and, most importantly, there will be drinking.

And if you're dying to know what your 18th birthday could have been like with booze (at least, legal booze), you can buy tickets to the party on the club's website for as little as $40. Because what could be more fun than hanging out with drunk 18-year-olds at a club?