Kylie Jenner Plays a Glossy Getaway Driver in Video for Her Cosmetic Line

Kylie Jenner

And her getaway car is a Rolls-Royce.

Kylie Jenner hasn't been shy about her intentions to grow the Kylie Cosmetics empire. Next up after the sell-out success of her lip kits? Kylie Glosses. 

To celebrate the April 1 launch of the yet unpriced product, the 18-year-old beauty mogul ventured into previously unexplored territory: acting.

Jenner stars in a new promotional video as a Louis Vuitton-wearing getaway driver for friends named "Like," "Literally" and "So Cute." (Perhaps also the names of the new gloss shades?)

Naturally, the newly blonde Jenner has the best (read: easiest) job. As the getaway driver, she cruises up in a Rolls-Royce convertible and lounges in the driver's seat. At one point, she puts on a coat.

Meanwhile, the ladies hijack a drug deal-like exchange with some shady suspects. Guns are brandished, tables overturned and groins kicked — all without so much as one hair from their mermaid extensions sticking to their uber glossy lips. 

Nothing says female bonding like becoming felons together. Watch the film below.

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