Kylie Jenner Removes Her Lip Filler

Photographed by Miller Mobley
Kylie Jenner

Forget Candy K and Posie K — it’s Natural K.

Kylie Jenner is going au natural.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality star on Sunday posted a photo on Instagram captioned “heat wave.” When a fan commented that she looked like "the old Kylie” (because Taylor Swift isn’t the only one with two lives), Jenner replied, “I got rid of all my filler." 

That’s right, the Kardashian sister is back to her petite lips that had her feeling insecure at age 15. After denying for many months that she had cosmetic surgery, Jenner finally admitted to plumping her lips with fillers on an episode of E's Keeping Up in 2015 when she was 17.

Now it seems she’s not into her full lips, which became all the more famous after she launched her fast-selling lip kits and company Kylie Cosmetics. Along with her colorfully dyed hair, full lips was one of Jenner's signature looks, and she capitalized on it while marketing the successful cosmetic brand (it made $420 million in 18 months).

Comments on Jenner's Instagram photo are overwhelmingly positive, with fans saying such things as “I love her smaller lips” and “She looks better without the lip fillers, it’s cute.” 

Though Jenner seems to be reverting back to her old self, it’s unclear whether she truly got rid of all her filler, or just her lip filler. There’s long been speculation about how the Keeping Up stars get their money-making bodies, with theories ranging from breast augmentation to waist trainers, though Kim Kardashian adamantly denies she had surgery to lose her baby weight.

Perhaps Jenner’s new lips signal a change in the family’s beauty standards, or it could just be the latest natural beauty trend (Dior debuted a minimal makeup look in Paris last week). Or maybe motherhood made Jenner all the more confident in her authentic appearance; she gave birth to Stormi Webster in February. 


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