Kylie Jenner Warns Fans Against Fake Kylie Cosmetics Website Using "Dangerous" Ingredients

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Kylie Jenner

"It's fake and dangerous, and it's the same price, so I don't even see the point."

Kylie Jenner is taking matters into her own hands after coming across a website selling fake copies of her highly sought-after Kylie Cosmetics products. 

The 19-year-old took to Snapchat to warn her fans against, which is formatted just like Jenner's site,, but offers an inferior faux product for the same price. 

"[The website] looks exactly like mine, but it's not," she said. "I want to be really, really clear that the only place to get my products is, and anywhere else is fake. Make sure you guys check the URL." 

She added that some customers have reached out via Twitter in the past, complaining of orders that never arrived; however when her customer service team looked into the matter, they found that the orders were never placed on, but rather a fake site.

"I feel responsible to give you guys warning because there are people out there trying to steal your money, and I just want you guys to have the best," she added. 

Jenner also claimed that the products were unsafe. "The ingredients that they're using in these fake products are really, really dangerous, which is my biggest concern," she claimed. "It's fake and dangerous, and it's the same price, so I don't even see the point."

According to Jenner, one of those "dangerous" ingredients is glue. "Someone just tweeted me one of their fake products and they said it had glue in it — glue in it!" exclaimed the makeup mogul. "What is this? Not mine! Ew!" Upon seeing a powdered foundation available on the fake site — a product she doesn't sell — she added, "You guys, powdered foundation?! Nooo!"

Though she stated that her team is working on having the fake site taken down, she also encouraged customers to double-check the URL before purchasing products, as she doesn't sell to any third-party retailers. "The only way you can get my products is through my website."