5 Things You Could Buy for the Price of Kylie Jenner's 18th Birthday Gifts

Kylie Jenner, The Gallows Premiere - P 2015
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Kylie Jenner, The Gallows Premiere - P 2015

How about a private island?

As you may have heard, this past weekend was a very important one. Why? Well, one Kylie Jenner celebrated her Aug. 10 birthday and turned the big one-eight, that's why.

Though the festivities aren't over yet — she's got a booze-laden Canadian pool party coming up this weekend — the freshly blond Jenner began the birthday celebrations early by hitting the town with friends and family.

There was no shortage of presents, of course, because the Kardashians don't mess around. In addition to a $20,000 Birkin bag (no biggie), Jenner received a Ferrari 482 Italia from rumored boyfriend Tyga. According to People, the 25-year-old dropped $320,000 on her luxe present. Every 18-year-old's dream, right?

To put those price tags in perspective, we've compiled a few other items one could purchase for roughly the same cost. 

1. A private island:

Imagine the selfie opportunities. 

2. Four years of tuition at a private university: 

The recent high school grad hasn't disclosed any plans for continuing her education, but in case she's interested ...

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3. A midsize home (all cash, of course) in the Valley: 

But it's not like Kylie needs to worry about that, she's already got a $2.7 million home on lock.

4. One grande Starbucks latte per day for approximately 214 years:

Not adjusting for inflation, but you get the point.

5. 35,000 copies of Selfish:   

No such thing as too much Kim, right? Right?