Kylie Minogue Brings Two Projects to Rio Film Fest

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The pop star spoke about her acting gigs while presenting Leos Carax’s 'Holy Motors' and indie pic 'Jack and Diane.'

RIO DE JANEIRO – Australian pop queen Kylie Minogue attended the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival last Wednesday to present her two most recent incursions in cinema: Leos Carax’s Cannes sensation Holy Motors, and American indie love story Jack and Diane, directed by Bradley Rust Gray and starred Juno Temple and Riley Keough.

Minogue’s roles in both films are secondary yet very intense, particularly in Carax’s Holy Motors, where she’s featured in an emotionally charged scene opposite Denis Lavand. In Rust Gay’s Jack and Diane, about two teen girls falling in love in New York, the singer does an extended cameo in a sensual scene with Kileough’s character.

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“I really consider myself a beginner,” she said at a press conference in Rio with Carax and fest director Ilda Santiago. “I really don’t know how is like to read a script and say ‘that would be a great part to do.' I go on impulse, and instinct. It really fulfills a different part of me that I actually believe I’ve been neglecting for a while. Both this part [in Holy Motors] and the micro-second I’m in Jack and Diane have been great experiences to challenge myself in a new way”.

“I was admittedly nervous”, she told reporters about her role in Carax's humanist Canne-entry, where Minogue also sings “Who Were We”, a song written by The Divine Comedy frontman Neil Hannon. “Especially with speaking in French and letting go of the persona that has become kind of second nature to me”.

According to the singer, Carax mentioned her Jean Seberg and Gene Tierney as direct references for her mysterious part. “These were women who had a tragedy and who at the same time had something very delicate about them”, she told The Hollywood Reporter. “With Leos we talked about the reason why she would burst into a song. And what these characters say to each other, there’s no words to express that would help the situation they’ve been through. We never know what it is, only that was something painful. They can’t find the words, so their emotions become a song”

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While Minogue said working with Carax was the main reason for taking the part –“any actress would kill to work with him”– she told THR her first reaction was quite the opposite.

“I told him: ‘Why am I here?! You’re either really crazy, or you’re a genius, because you haven’t see me in anything, you don’ know If I can act or not’. So, he was doing it on instinct too”.

“I had already thought about Kylie before for a different project”, Carax told reporters. “And when I was thinking about this part I remembered her. I already knew that there was going to be a song, and also when we met for this film, Kylie became her. I didn’t have to bring Kylie to the character; we created it based on Kylie today.”

. But he said: 'I feel very strongly you're a part of me. I feel your presence in me as well as your father and your grandfather because they're both actors.'"