Kyra Sedgwick's Life After 'The Closer': What She Misses and Why She's Happy to Move On (Video)

“My biggest dream is to keep doing film,” the star of Lionsgate’s “The Possession” tells THR.

After closing the chapter on her groundbreaking role in TNT’s The Closer, Kyra Sedgwick next appears on the big screen in Lionsgate’s horror film The Possession, opening Aug. 31.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Sedgwick looks back on her seven years as Brenda Leigh Johnson and reveals what she most misses about the job and what she’s most happy to have left behind.

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“I really miss the people,” she begins, adding, “I miss being that creatively fulfilled on a daily basis and having to push myself to my absolute limit every day. I’m also grateful that I’m not having to push myself to my limit every single day and have time to actually let my imagination roam to other things and explore other possibilities.”

Among those possibilities is her role in Possession, in which she plays a fiercely protective mother who turns against her estranged ex-husband when their daughter begins displaying bizarre and sinister behavior. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Matisyahu and newcomer Natasha Calis also star. 

VIDEO: 'The Closer': Kyra Sedgwick Bids an Emotional Farewell After Seven Seasons

“My biggest dream is to keep doing film with great actors and great directors,” says Sedgwick.

In a recent issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Sedgwick revealed that she nearly turned down the job with TNT because she was not interested in relocating her family from New York to Los Angeles. Thankfully, she did make the move and went on to win an Emmy in 2010.

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