'The L Word: Generation Q' Cast Explain Why Now Is the "Perfect Moment" for the Reboot

Katherine Moennig, Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Leo Sheng and Jacqueline Toboni join In Studio to discuss reviving the Showtime series for a "new generation."

The L Word is back.

Returning castmembers Katherine Moennig, Jennifer Beals and Leisha Hailey and newcomers Leo Sheng and Jacqueline Toboni join The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss Showtime's The L Word: Generation Q and why this was "a perfect moment to come back."

"I think we were surprised nothing had taken its place early on, and then the conversation grew gradually about how to bring it back," Beals explains.

Adds Hailey: "Even pre-reboot, the reboot craze, it was a conversation we kept having with Ilene [Chaiken], the original creator, and the three of us, and we were like, 'No one's doing it — why?' The stories need to be told. I mean, back then when we ended, gay marriage wasn't even legal."

While the castmembers felt that the series ended "rather abruptly" back in 2009, Moenning explains that turning the show into a film "wouldn't make any sense, so that's why it took a good 12 years, I think, to figure it out within all the discussions we had among each other."

During the decade that's past since the final episode of The L Word aired, a new generation of LBGTQ audiences has arrived that Beals says "refuses to be categorized, that is insistent on self-identifying gender and sexual orientation, and that's really exciting to have these new conversations. I mean, when any generation can start completely changing the lexicon of how we talk about gender and how we talk about sexuality, you know you’re in a really profound moment of change, so I think it's a perfect moment to come back."

The castmembers go on to discuss the importance of queer representation on television. Says Hailey, "When I was young, I had no representation on television. I had nobody. Jo on Facts of Life wasn't even gay, but she rang true to my soul. So for someone like me, I was always searching to find a connection on television or movies, so I get the impact that a show like this has. So I hope that it just continues for a long time and I hope this isn’t the only show in the end. I hope people take our place when we're done with this, and I think there's a vast landscape to fill."

Adds Moennig: "That's part of the reason why we felt so emboldened to bring this back, because there was nothing that ever took its place and you’d think within 10 years we were off the air there would be."

The L Word: Generation Q airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

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